SHE | HER | HERS by four Female Dutch Photographers

Leica Gallery Amsterdam presents a female point of view on Nude. Female nudity through the eyes of four female Dutch photographers, all four with their own distinctive style and their own perspective on life. This exhibition shows the work of Female nude; awakening, unfolding, revealing, seeing and being allowed to see.

Nude through the eyes of women. ‘She | Her | Hers’.



Meet Our Photographers:


Nanda Hagenaars

Nanda Hagenaars' work can be described as poetic, intuitive, and emotional. Inspired by the concepts of time and timelessness, Nanda chose to work in black and white. For her, the camera became an instrument of transformation, allowing her to see life in new ways. She believes in using photography as a means to grow and discover herself. “It's not always easy to see things differently, but I push myself to do it,” she says. This philosophy is reflected in her art. Nanda doesn’t just see water; she sees its reflection, applying this perspective to everything she captures. With sharp focus and sweaty hands, she searches for new compositions, finding strength in viewing challenges with an open mind. Photography, for Nanda, was not a choice but a calling, a way to share how she sees the world and who she is. Inspired by her grandmother, she isn't afraid to break the rules. “I love images that look like they’ve been touched by a painter's brush,” she reveals. By playing with light and shadow, she creates a dance that is both rhythmic and melancholic. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to share their emotions through art, believing that everyone has an inner artist capable of creating and healing by looking at the world and themselves with fresh eyes.

Nanda Hagenaars

Nanda Hagenaars ©



Indra Moonen

Based in Gronsveld, Netherlands, Indra Moonen has her darkroom and studio where she crafts her evocative landscapes. Her photographic journey began with studies at Syntra in Hasselt, continuing through art academy. In her personal work, she escapes reality by creating landscapes that emphasize a melancholic atmosphere through the use of old photo and printing techniques. She embraces the slowness of these processes, finding that the intensity of creating contrasts with the fleeting world she seeks to escape.

During her final academy years, Indra explored the role of women in society, which culminated in her project "Limited." Post-academy, she turned to landscapes, seeking solace in nature and detachment from societal pressures. Her experimentation led her back to film, eventually discovering a love for photographing with a wooden plate camera on glass—a process from 1851. This method's inherent melancholic atmosphere deeply resonated with her, providing tools to amplify the feelings she wishes to convey in her work.

Indra Moonen

Indra Moonen ©


Mona Alikhah

Born in Bushehr, Iran, Mona Alikhah grew up surrounded by a family deeply connected to art and literature. From a young age, she was influenced by Persian poetry, rich in metaphor, which shaped her worldview and later, her photography. She strives to capture hidden truths and emotions, drawing inspiration from people's experiences and environments.

After moving to the Netherlands in 2000, Mona resumed photography in 2005, using her Leica to explore the complex layers of human emotion. Her work seeks to reveal the contradictions within people, much like the metaphor of a peacock's beautiful feathers and unattractive feet. Through her lens, she delves into the hidden aspects of her subjects' lives, aiming to connect with their deepest feelings and stories.

Mona Alikhah

Mona Alikhah ©


Lieva Ploegstra & Annelore Bensink

Lieva and Annelore combine their artistic visions in the "Mesmerising" series, exploring mystical and esoteric aspects of life. Lieva's work finds wonder in the raw and combines contrasting worlds to create a dreamlike effect. Annelore captures fragments of reality, transforming them into enchanting, dreamy landscapes that invite viewers to pause and reflect. Together, they create poetic reflections that captivate and inspire.

Lieva is a young artist whose work is a dynamic expression of her dreamy yet raw inspiration. At the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, she integrates various disciplines, playing with light and storytelling to capture the essence of combined worlds.

Annelore creates ethereal, tranquil photographs that reflect a world often forgotten in daily life. Her intuitive approach and multidisciplinary background allow her to craft images that serve as a poetic dance between nature's beauty and the mystique of consciousness. Annelore's work invites viewers to step into her serene inner world, transforming life's moments into a dreamy landscape.

Annelore and Lieva

Annelore Bensink ©


'SHE | HER | HERS' will be on display in the Leica Gallery Amsterdam between June 28, 2024 and September 8, 2024.

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