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Every day, we are committed to improve the information and inspiration around the Leica brand for interested parties as much as possible. We do this with our products, but also with our services. For that we need information in some cases. We are not doing this just like that. After all, it is your privacy that is at stake and as far as we are concerned, there should be no ambiguity about that. We are aware that you trust us. It is our responsibility to protect your privacy.


On this page you can read which data we collect when you visit our Store or website, why we collect these data and how we improve your experience using our website based on these data. So you will understand how we work. This privacy policy applies to all the Leica Store Amsterdam services. You must know that is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites and other sources. By using our website you acknowledge to accept our privacy policy respects the privacy of all the visitors/users of its website and ensures that all personal information which you will give us, will be dealt with in a strict confidential manner.



We think it is important that you at least know the following from us:

- We collect data to further customize your shopping experience at Leica Store Amsterdam and as soon as we do, we will always be clear about it.

- We are open and honest about the data we collect from you and why we do this.

- We only exchange your data with third parties if this is strictly necessary, for example to make a service or repair appointment, or to be able to deliver your purchase.

- We respect the fact that your data belongs to you. You can therefore always let us know that you no longer give permission for your data to be processed by us.

- The way in which we handle your data and store it safely is entirely in accordance with European law.


What information does the Leica Store Amsterdam collect from you?

- When you purchase something from the Leica Store Amsterdam, we will collect your name, address and city, email address and phone number (also known as ‘NAW’ information).

- Your Leica Store Amsterdam account also includes information about when you made a purchase online or visited Leica Store Amsterdam.

- If you visit the website, we place tracking cookies on the device you have visited (mobile, tablet or desktop).

- When you make online purchases at and pay with a credit card, we carry out a fraud check.



Our Store is equipped with cameras. This is important not only for your safety, but also for that of our colleagues and products. The camera images are deleted after four weeks, unless there are good reasons to keep the images longer, for example for a police investigation.



During a visit to our Store you can use free WiFi. Once you are logged in to our WiFi network, data is automatically collected such as your device's identification number (MAC address). This data will be deleted after one year and will only be used by Leica Store Amsterdam to prevent possible misuse. Should illegal activities take place from our WiFi network, we may block the access of the device you are using to our WiFi network.



Purchase at the cashregister

There is a good chance that you will end your visit to the Leica Store Amsterdam with a purchase of a product or service from the Leica Store Amsterdam. As soon as you settle this, your transaction details are registered in order to be able to make the payment. We are under a tax obligation to keep details of each purchase for seven years.


Purchase additional services

You can, in example, have your purchase delivered to your home or bring them in for a service or repair. We will then register a number of your details. For example, we will need your address details so that we can have your purchase delivered to you and your e-mail address and telephone number to keep you informed of the planning or to ask you whether the service was carried out as desired. Where necessary, we share this data with external service providers because they perform the service in question on our behalf. For example, the transport service needs your name and address in order to be able to deliver the products to you. These external service providers may, of course, only use your data to perform the service in question. They are therefore not allowed to use or pass on your data independently.


We also keep the details of your purchase in order to be able to answer any questions or complaints about our services.


We use purchase data to gain a better understanding of our customers and the way they shop. We do this in order to improve the offerings in our Store. We keep the data for these analyses for two years.


Loan camera and/or lens

You can borrow a camera and/or a lens from Leica Store Amsterdam under conditions that are clearly indicated in advance. In order to be able to make use of this loan opportunity, we need to fill in a number of details about you. This includes data to verify that you are actually the person who is loaning the camera and/or lens. This includes, for example, personal data such as: your name, address and place of residence, telephone number, copy of your identity document and e-mail address, in order to be able to register you and to keep records of who has borrowed a camera and/or lens for the Leica Store Amsterdam. The general data will be kept by us for a minimum of one month, but the copy of your identity document will be destroyed as soon as you return your loan.



Leica Store Amsterdam uses cookies and other techniques at Cookies are small information files that are stored on the device with which you visit our website, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or smart watch, when you visit the website. By "cookies", we mean other similar techniques.


Cookies make it possible to recognise your web browser. This is handy because, for example, you do not have to repeatedly enter your data, indicate preferences, place products in your shopping cart again or adjust your settings. In this way we can also make our website work better, we can gain insight into visitor behaviour on the website and other parties can gain insight into your surfing behaviour, so that they can display personalised ads over multiple websites and leave out non-relevant ads.


Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer. We distinguish between different types of cookies:

Functional cookies

These are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. For example, they ensure that the information you require is displayed quickly and correctly each time you visit our website. Permission does not need to be requested for placing functional cookies.


Analytical cookies

We use these to analyze how our website is used, for example, how often our website is visited, on which page you arrive at our website, and which pages are most frequently clicked. If the analytical cookies do not have a major impact on privacy, there is no need to ask for permission, otherwise there is.


Tracking cookies

These are cookies that can track your browsing behaviour on our website. In this way, we and advertisers can display personalized online ads and customized content based on your surfing behavior. We ask your permission to place these cookies.


Social media plug-in cookies

Social media plug-in cookies are used to display social media content on our website. We ask your permission to place these cookies.


Cookies are stored on the device for a maximum of twelve months after your last visit. You can always disable cookies yourself or remove them from your device. How you can do this differs per type of internet browser and device. If you choose to delete cookies, the website may no longer function optimally and you may not be able to use certain services.



When you make a purchase online, your transaction details are registered in order to make the payment. We are under a tax obligation to keep details of each purchase for seven years.


If you pay with a credit card, we can do a fraud check depending on the amount of the order. We will then check whether the credit card (possibly) is or can be used for fraudulent activities. We do this on the basis of, among other things, the country of issue of the credit card, zip code and country. If we determine that the credit card has been or may be used for fraudulent activities, we will let you know and your online order will not be carried out with that credit card and you will have to pay in another way. This information shall be kept for 90 days.


Of course, in order to deliver a product, we need your address details and your email address and phone number to keep you informed of this delivery. We save your data for this purpose for one year.


Where necessary, we share this data with external service providers. For example, the transport service needs your name and address in order to be able to deliver the products to you. These external service providers may only use your data to perform the services in question. They are therefore not allowed to use or pass on your data independently.


We also keep records of your purchase to answer any questions about warranty or other questions or complaints about the product. We will retain the data for the duration of the warranty, with a minimum of five years.


We also use data to gain a better understanding of our customers and the way they shop online. We do this in order to improve the offerings in our online store. We keep the data for these analyses for two years.


During the online purchases, you can also log in with your Leica Store Amsterdam account, so you don't have to re-enter your data and make use of all the possibilities. In that case, we will link your purchases to your Leica Store Amsterdam account.


If you have signed up for the Leica Store Amsterdam email newsletter, we will link your purchase details to your Leica Store Amsterdam newsletter profile.



Would you like personal assistance or advice from the Leica Store Amsterdam? Then you can make an appointment online or email directly to the Leica Store Amsterdam. We will then register your name, telephone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you about the appointment.


We also use your data to find out if we can help you with anything or to send you a message if we have an interesting event, workshop or offer for you. We will always ask your permission for this first. We also collect your data to gain a better understanding of our customers and service needs, so that we can serve you even better in the future. We will retain this form of data about you for one year.



Promotions, workshops or (mini) events, such as exhibitions, training courses or lectures take place regularly in or around our Store. From an organisational point of view, it is sometimes important for us to know who is participating. In addition, we can provide you with information about the time and place and send you a reminder just before the event, and we can, for example, contact you in the event of a change.


In addition, it can also be very interesting for us to find out, for example, whether certain products were sold during or after a promotion or eventor what type of customer attended the promotion or event. Therefore, in order to participate in an activity or an event we sometimes need certain information about you such as name, address and place of residence, interests, etc. etc. We store this information for two years.


For some promotions, workshops or events we need extra help. In that case, we will share your data with external service providers. This could be in example a Leica photographer who will give a lecture or workshop. These external service providers may only use your data to perform the service in question. They are therefore not allowed to use or pass on your data independently.



If you want to stay informed about new products, special products, promotions, workshops, events, gallery exhibitions and other Leica inspiration, you can subscribe to the Leica Store Amsterdam email newsletter. We will then register your name and email address to execute your request. Since we respect your privacy, this information will never be shared with other parties.


With every Leica Store Amsterdam email newsletter you receive there is a possibility to change your preferences, update your profile or unsubscribe.



Every day, the team at Leica Store Amsterdam is there to help you, answer questions, solve problems or support you in purchasing a product. Our customer service can be reached via various channels, including telephone, contact form on our website, e-mail, social media and directly in our store.


As soon as you contact us by telephone, for example because you have a question or complaint about, for example, a product that you have purchased, we need a number of details about you. Think of your name, e-mail address, telephone number and other information needed to deal with your question or complaint. We also use this information to keep you informed of the status of your question or complaint. After your question or complaint has been dealt with, we will retain the information for five years. This way we can be of better service to you if you prove to need us later on.


The information received by our customer service department is also analysed in order to gain an insight into the nature of the questions and complaints and the process surrounding them.



Leica Store Amsterdam uses social media to keep you up to date with the latest trends and products, to give you a look behind the scenes, to inform you about workshops, events, lectures, gallery activities and other Leica inspiration. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Flickr.


The use of social media is not subject to any conditions from the Leica Store Amsterdam. You agree to the terms and conditions of the social media platform.


Contact with Leica Store Amsterdam via social media

If you submit a question to us via social media, we will retain that message and your account name so that we can respond to your message. If you contact us via social media, we will link your details to your Leica Store Amsterdam account or Leica Store Amsterdam newsletter profile if this is necessary for communication.


We also sometimes contact you via Instagram to ask if we can use a photo of you for marketing communication purposes. We will contact you if you post a photo and mention (products of) the Leica Store Amsterdam by tagging or using a hashtag. We will not use the photo without your permission.


Leica Store Amsterdam advertisements on social media

Leica Store Amsterdam makes use of the advertising possibilities of social media platforms. We show you advertisements based on the information that the social media platform collects with your permission, for example, that you follow us, are interested in photography or that you live in a certain region. What data social media platforms collect from you does not affect the Leica Store Amsterdam. This is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the social media platform and can often also be managed in the settings of your social media profile.



On what 'legal grounds' do we process your data?

We process your data because we either need this for entering into or executing the agreement with you, or because we are legally obliged to do so, or with your consent, or because we (or a third party) have a legitimate interest in doing so. Our legitimate interests are described in this privacy statement. In individual cases, we may be required to process your data because this is necessary for your vital interest or that of another person (for example, if you, or a fellow visitor, gets hurt in our Store and we have to pass on your data to the ambulance staff).


Which external parties do we use to share your data with?

In a number of cases, we provide your data (where necessary) to external parties. However, we will never sell your information to other parties. As mentioned above, in some cases we work together with external service providers. They may only use your data for the performance of the services in question. Your data may not be used or passed on independently. Data collected through cookies can be shared with the parties who place these cookies. We may also be legally obligated by government agencies or other parties to provide your information. In that case, we only share the data that is strictly necessary.


Where is your data stored?

To obtain and store certain data, we work with different applications. To safeguard your privacy, these applications are subject to strict rules. Most of the data is stored within the European Union. For data sent outside the EU, we only work with parties that offer sufficient protection in accordance with European rules. This has been established for a number of countries, for example for American parties that fall under the 'Privacy Shield'. For the transfer to other countries and parties, we work with special processing agreements. If you would like to see them, please contact us.


Links to other websites

On you may find a number of links to the websites of our partners. Clicking on it will open the partner's website. Once you are on the website of one of our partners, the privacy policy of that partner applies.


What should you do with "fake messages"?

There are regular (win) promotions in circulation via e-mail Facebook and SMS that do not originate from Leica Store Amsterdam. Often a discount voucher, voucher or voucher is offered. In these so-called 'phishing activities', the name and logo of Leica Store Amsterdam are misused to collect personal information or to take money from you. We recommend that you always check the sender of the e-mail. Official e-mails from Leica Store Amsterdam can be identified by the sender with the e-mail address Leica Store Amsterdam's Facebook promotions are always directly linked to our Facebook page or to our website


If you are unsure about the authenticity of an email or (win) action from Leica Store Amsterdam, please contact us. On you will find more information about what you can do and what you can do to surf safely.


Do you have any questions or complaints?

Do you have any questions about your data, the way we handle it or this privacy statement? In that case, you can contact us directly by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]



If you would like to know what information we have about you, please ask us. If certain information is incorrect, we may change it for you. You can also edit data from your Leica Store Amsterdam account at any time by yourself.


You can also ask us to delete your data and not to use it again. If you have given your prior consent, you can withdraw it again. However, we may (if necessary) retain the data for which you have already given your permission. In a number of cases, you can also indicate that you 'limit' your data. We will then ensure that your data will not be used without your permission.


In some cases, we may refuse your request, for example if you ask us to delete your data, but we need it for tax reasons or as evidence in the event of complaints. If this is the case, you will hear from us as soon as possible.


Who is responsible for your data?

Transcontinenta B.V. ,distributor for Leica in the Netherlands and located at Tarwestraat 29, 2153 GE Nieuw-Vennep, is, as legal owner of the Leica Store Amsterdam, responsible for the processing of your personal data.



We check on a regular basis if we comply with the privacy policy. If you have questions about our privacy policy do contact us. To contact us about your information that Leica Store Amsterdam uses, please use the following contact information:


Leica Store Amsterdam
Van Baerlestraat 16-H, 1071 AW Amsterdam

Phonenumber: +31(0)20 2382192
E-mail: [email protected]
Chamber of commerce number: 34082579
VAT identification number: NL800886483B01


In the event of complaints, for example about the way in which we use your data or how we respond to questions relating to your privacy, you can submit a complaint to the Authority for Personal Data.

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